The Post Graduate Department of Geology of Khallikote Unitary University (erstwhile Khallikote Autonomouus College) has come into existence in 1961 with affiliation to Utkal University for providing teaching facilities in Geology at Intermediate Science (I.Sc.) and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) pass level. With establishment of Berhampur University, the affiliation shifted to it in the year 1966. The honours degree in Geology was introduced in the latter part of the year 1970. The college along with the Department of Geology achieved the status of Government College after taken over by the Govt. of Odisha with effect from 09.03.1971.The department of higher education, Govt. Odisha was pleased to open the post graduate studies in the department from the session 1979-80 with affiliation for 16 seats which was further enhanced to 32 seat in the year 1986. In its illustrious journey through the corridor of time the M.Phil. course in Geology with a strength of 16 seats has been introduced in the year2012-13.

This department has witnessed several outstanding scholars with immense contribution to the geological science. Dr. S. Panda, Ex-Professor of Geology had done extensive research work on metamorphic and structural evolution of Eastern Ghats group of rock. Dr. M. Sahu Ex- Reader in Geology has much contribution on Alkaline rock around Khariar of Kalahandi District. Dr. H . K. Sahoo, Ex-Reader of this department has established the structural, tectonic model of Gandhamardhan Iron ore deposit and its characterisation. Dr.M. Panda, Professor of Geology was a pioneer worker on the petrography and structural evolution of Eastern Ghats suit of rock around Nihal Prasad, Dhenkanal District Dr.D. S. Pattanaik, Ex-Lecturer in Geology had done substantial work on Cherimeri coal deposits of Madhya Pradesh. Dr. P.N.Behera, ex-Reader in Geology has done his Ph.D on petrography and geochemistry of coal deposits around Ib coal field. Dr D.P.Nanda, Ex-Reader has worked on the ground water condition of Berhampur town, Ganjam district, Orissa. Dr.M.K.Patnaik, Reader in Geology has done extensive research work on Petrography and Metamorphic history of rocks in and around Hinjilicut and Chikiti – A part of Eastern Ghats group of Rocks.

Aims and Objectives

  • To design and develop scientific brains to study geological sciences
  • To provide state of the art laboratory facilities.
  • To impart knowledge pertaining to discovery and management of Geo resources such as minerals, oil and water and to tap ground water resources.
  • To make a premier research centre of Geology and to dissipate the output for the cause of common man.
  • Career orientation of students in the field of geology.

Name:Dr. Naba Kishore Sahoo
Designation: Associate Professor

Name:Dr. Deepak Kumar Mishra
Designation:Assistant Professor

Name:Dr. Manoj Kumar Patnaik
Designation: Assistant Professor

Name Position Place
Mr. G. S. Padhy, Petroleum Geologist U.A.E
Dr. K. Kailash Scientist  
Mr. G.Anil Kumar Software Engineer  
Mr. D.M.Mahapatro Sr. Scientist Vizag Steel Plant
Mr. M. Akshaya IPS I.G. Vigilance
Dr. Biswajeet Mishra Professor IIT Kharagpur
Dr. G.J.Chakrapani IIT, Roorkee  
Mr. R.K.Dwibedy AMD  
Mr. C.Panigraphy AMD  
Mr. P.K.Mishra ONGC  
Mr. G. P. Mohapatro ONGC  
Mr. B. K. Rath OMC  
Mr. B. K. Panda OMC  
Mr. K. C. Rath OMC  
Mr D. K. Panda ACC  
Mr. N. K. Patel ISRO  
Mr. F. S. Nayak ISRO  
Mr. D. K. Rao ISRO  
Mr.S.K. RATH IIT Kanpur  
Mrs. S. Mishra   U.S.A
Mr. A. Sadangi Trainee Scientist Dalmia Research scholar in University of Toronto, Canada
Mr. S.R. Panda Trainee Scientist Dalmia Research scholar in University of Toronto, Canada
Mr. L. Dora G.S.I  
Mr. S.Mohanty G.S.I  
Mr. Sambit P. Naik IIT Kanpur  
Dr. B. C. Achary Scientist IMMT
Mr. P. Sabat Scientist C.G.W.B
Dr. N. K. Sukula Scientist C.G.W.B
Mr. Sunil Madhab Patro IMFA  
Mr. J. Mishra Heading the Geological wing in OMC OMC
Mr. S.S. Mahapatro Scientist ORSAC
Mr. A.K. Mahapatro Scientist ORSAC
Mr. D. Achary Stewart College Cuttack
Mrs. Kanaklata Devi DGM Gujarat State Petrochemical Ltd.