Greetings to all!

Admittedly, learning brings prosperity and happiness. Learning as a way of life is rewarding and enjoyable. We encourage our students to optimize learning for their bright future.

Over the past one and half centuries, Khallikote Unitary University as a center of higher learning has seen many transitions. From being Zilla School, College under private management, Government College, and Government Autonomous College, it has evolved harmoniously into today’s Khallikote Unitary University. During this long trans-formative journey, consistent with changing demands, courses are offered in diverse subjects including Biotechnology, Computer Science, Computer Applications, Information Technology, Education, etc. The use of new age technologies as reflected in multifarious modalities viz. online teaching, virtual classes, e-library, and advance science laboratory facilities indicate the University’s drive for modernization and excellence. I hope that in future, we the students, teachers and staff of this great institution continue its legacy by playing our roles with commitment and sincerity. This, I believe, will enable Khallikote Unitary University to affirm its rightful place in the educational landscape of New India.


Prof (Dr.) Ellarani Pattanaik

  Chairperson, PG Council