Greetings to all!

It is a privilege to be elevated to the position of Chairperson, PG Council, of a 150 year old renowned institution which was upgraded to a Unitary University and consecrated as Brahma Vihar on 1st Aug 2021. Despite being in its nascent stage as a university, the institution has not discredited its fundamental principle of imparting uncompromising value education. I can be excused of this inviolable assertion as I began my career in the same place in 1990 when it was named Khallikote College.

The university is a viable hub of not just academics but all other personality building activities due to its genealogy, history and location. Regardless of its varied transitions and hindrances, the establishment has unyieldingly acted up to its reputation of inclusive education in sports, cultural events, extension lectures, e library facility, and virtual classes, external and internal seminars etc.

I pledge to carry on this legacy of good work to greater heights by drawing inspiration from the eternal hymn of Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad,

Asatomaa sadgamaya – from ignorance I will lead myself towards truth

Tamasomaa jyotirgamaya – from darkness I will lead myself towards light

Mrtyorma amritamgamaya – from mortality I will lead myself towards immortality

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – May peace prevail within me, in others and in the whole world.


Prof. Dr. Padmini Sahu

  Chairperson, PG Council

Khallikote Unitary University