Khallikote Autonomous College (Upgraded to Khallikote Unitary University) is one of the second oldest colleges of Odisha established in the year 1856. The Department of Philosophy established in the year of 1951. P.G teaching in the department was started in year 2017 with the sanction strength 32 students each year. Along with Philosophy honours, PG classes, the Department also have of ‘Elective classes’ for Arts stream. The specialization of PG in this department is ‘applied logic in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)’ and ‘Applied Ethics’.

Currently the Department has one senior Reader Dr. Jatin Bishoyi (H.O.D). The department has three Guest faculties named Miss. V.Sneha, Mr. Pinku Kumar Sahu and Miss. Priyanka Jena.

The department maintains a reading room with more than hundreds of valuable books especially contributed by ICPR. There is a brought space for wall magazine where the students are encouraged to express their creativity through writings, drawings and so on. The dept also subscribes various magazines, articles, and journals for the use of students.

The dept organizes various events throughout the year that includes cultural gathering, seminars, and competitions. Every year the department also organizes several competitions like Philo-Essay, Philo-Debate, Philo-Quiz, song extempore speech, Elocution and so on which the Dept student participates enthusiastically.

Department organizes various state level and national seminars sponsored by ICPR. Experienced and renowned teachers from the field of logic and Philosophy are invited to give a talk for two hours on a topic of their choice from the syllabus. The lecture end with an interactive session with the speaker.

Department of Philosophy is an integral part of Khallikote Autonomous College, a more than a century old premier institution of the state of Odisha. This prestigious institution started functioning from the year 1878. Philosophy as a subject at undergraduate level started from 1951. Postgraduate teaching in Philosophy began in 2016. This new PG department is one of the leading departments of the state of Orissa with excellent academic achievements.

  1. Involvement in research
  2. Involvement in postgraduate teaching
  3. Lead major college committees
  4. University paper setters/examiners/moderators
  5. Organization of annual national conference


  1. No representation on Board of Studies
  2. Small intake of students
  3. Inability to offer more options
  4. Unwillingness of students to venture beyond syllabi
  5. As most of the students in the stream of Arts are rural based, they are not well versed in English. So the teachers are to take initiative to teach the basics despite the burden of the heavy


  1. Encouragement to avail of Faculty Improvement Programme Encouragement to undertake Major and minor projects
  2. Field visits are
  3. Costs incurred in the presentation of papers are
  4. Remedial and Intensive Coaching for slow learner


  1. Increase quality and quantity of students
  2. Inculcate the reading and research habit in students
  3. Reconcile theory and practice in pedagogy
  4. Introduce short-term courses with an eye to employment


Table presents student position of the department for academic session 2021-22.

(Student position)


Sanctioned strength

Existing strength

+3First Year (Hons) 32 32
+3First Year (GE-1) 128 120
+3Second Year (Hons) 32 30
+3Second Year (GE-2) 128 120
+3Third Year (Hons) 32 25
P.G. First Year 32 31
P.G. Second Year 32 30

Name: Dr. Jatin Bishoyi
Designation: Reader cum H.O.D
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Name: Mr Pinku Kumar Sahu
Designation: Guest Faculty
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Name: Miss V. Sneha
Designation: Guest Faculty
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Name: Miss. Priyanka Jena
Designation: Guest Faculty
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  • Smart classroom with multimedia support
  • 24 hours Internet facility
  • Reading Room for Hons and PG Students
  • Two Desktops, One Printer, One Projector & One Over Head Projector, Two Xerox machines, One Interactive Board & two Green Board
  • 300 Philosophy course books
  • Smart separate HOD and Staff Room
  • Effective seminar hall and productive classroom with Air Conditioner


Department of Philosophy is having the following infrastructure facilities to cater the needs of students of Philosophy.

  1. Lecture Hall :        04
  2. Seminar Hall :         01    

Important Instruments Available in the Department:

  • Computerized Instruments Available in the department:
  • Inverter
  • Computer Printers.
  • Scanner
  • Xerox
  • Internet facilities
  • Classroom with Air conditioner
  • Effective seminal hall
  • Productive library books
Name Position Place
Dr. Pradeep Kumar  Panigrahi Minister of Higher Education Odisha
Dr. Om Narayana Rao Asst.Professor in Philosophy Govt Women’s College, Aska
Prof. K. C Rout Head, Dept. of Philosophy University of Pune
Sri Gopinath Behera Stenogrpher Grade-A NALCO, New Delhi
Dr.  Pradeep Paramguru Polasara Womens College Odisha
Prof. Surya Maharana H.O.D of Philosophy Allahabad University
Mr. Subhajeet Kumar Popular Singer and Comedian in Multimedia Youtube
Sri Satyaranjan Mishra H.O.D of Philosophy Kendrapada (Auto) College
Sri Achutananda Bhuyan Lecturer in Philosophy Kendrapada Auto College
Miss. Geetanjali Bhuyan Lecturer in Philosophy Hinjilikatu (Auto )College
Miss. Arpita Praharaj Lecturer in Phulbani Auto College  
Mr.Satyajit Sahu Lecturer in logic Khallikote (Junior) College
Mr Rajesh Kumar Mallik Lecturer in Philosophy Rarua college ,Rarua
Mr. Chita Ranjan Jani Lecturer in philosophy Khaira college, Khaira
Mr. Iswar Chandra Nayak Brahmagiri College Puri
Miss V.Sneha Guest faculty in Philosophy Khallikote Unitary University , Berhampur
Miss. Priyanka Jena Guest faculty in Philosophy Khallikote Unitary University , Berhampur
Mr. Pinku Kumar Sahu Guest faculty in Philosophy Khallikote Unitary University , Berhampur